Could your Infotainment system be next on the list?
Tue, 16 May 2017

Forget eating or texting at the wheel, it's your car infotainment system that could be next on the banned list.

The ban on using a mobile phone when driving could just be the start of inhibiting tricky to use gadgetry in order to make driving safer.
No longer is it about making a call or texting as was the case back in the day, using complex infotainment systems could become the target in future. Sat Nav, sound systems and setting the car's ambient temperature are all a major distraction and along with eating and drinking, are the cause of many accidents today.

With so much fingertip-technology powering the vehicle's functions, driver's taking their eye off the road are proving to be just as dangerous as when picking up the mobile phone to make a call.

Lack of concentration remains the biggest contributing factor in all road accidents in the UK and is responsible for many fatalities on the road.

Manufacturers recognise this and are building in vocal commands that listen to the driver's instruction instead of going through menu after menu to adjust the ambient lighting or change the suspension settings. 
Mercedes Benz' linguatronic system was added as standard over ten years ago to their models, allowing driver's to have a conversation with their motor and whilst it took some settling down, this improved to become class-leading today. Most other car maker's are sporting the same technology in their vehicles in a bid to increase road safety. 

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