Concerned about the mileage on your next Used Car?
Thu, 25 May 2017

Searching for your next car is likely to be an exciting prospect, especially as more of this can now be done online. You will have your own criteria when researching, including which cars need to be avoided, the amount you want to pay and how far you want to travel to collect.

The most popular safety zones to be aware of when choosing a new motor includes insurance Cat C and Cat D write off's, missing service histories, bodywork issues, the number of previous owners and, high mileage.

Browsing customers often place a maximum mileage of 100,000 miles as a limit when buying, which is thought to be around double the amount of 30 years ago. This is largely due to the quality going in to the better engineering and technical quality in the more recently built vehicles. 

In terms of looking for the ideal car, if the brand in question is a bit more 'niche' or it's a very specific model that's hard to find, buyers are not only more likely to travel further, but are also more likely to overlook some of the safety zone criterion. Mileage for example is expected to be first to be overlooked, but only if the car has a good history with evidence that the car has been well looked after.

While these higher mileage newer cars may have covered more ground, their reliability and economy is better than ever and are a great way to get behind the wheel in what looks like a lot of car for a lot less money. 

Here's something to consider. Higher mileage cars could well be better in terms of reliability than when compared to lower mileage models. Why? Unless they are an ex-taxi, these cars generally haven't spent their lives in a city or on poorly maintained roads. 

Most mechanical wear happens when an engine is cold or where there is a lot of stop start. Cars on a motorway undergo fewer engine starts and perform on an even road surface over a long period, meaning wear and tear is much lower. For example, brakes, suspension and clutches will wear much less on cars used for lengthy motorway trips rather than urban stop-start driving on roads littered with speed bumps.

Through continual build quality and technical improvements, later cars have a higher expected life - at least 150,000 miles is now the norm, which means a good service history will allow the next owner to continue driving happily for a fraction of the cost of lower mileage counterparts.

Searching online for a car on most websites gives the choice to remove cars that are not of interest. Filtering is important and it pays to un-tick and limit to suit your exact driving requirements. let's you do all this whilst allowing you to search using new technology. By entering a current monthly payment, PX reg number and postcode, drivers are able to search and actually buy their next car in under 20% of the time it normally takes to buy the traditional way. 

Payment Swap is the only website that specialises in payment-only search and is geared up specifically for finance buyers. Results on the website shows cars that are all newer for the same monthly payment or less and the mileage can be adjusted to suit. By lifting the mileage restrictions, but keeping the monthly payment the same, the vehicle choice will become newer or the specifications will become higher.

Some of the best value cars are ex-company vehicles because they have covered higher motorway mileage but will likely to have been serviced properly with no expense spared.


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