Failure to update your insurance could lead to fines
Wed, 31 May 2017

Almost a quarter of drivers are telling lies to their insurance companies about how many points they have on their licence.

In the hope of keeping costs down, those hiding the truth are liable to invalidate their insurance and be prosecuted in court, far outweighing any saving that may be gained for saying they have fewer points.

A leading insurance company has said as many as 23% of those with a conviction have lied, or have not informed their insurance provider about their circumstances, which equates to an alarmingly high figure.

Drivers who cheat not only could void their insurance, but they make it more expensive for everyone else paying correctly, especially as their vehicle is not insured and anyone needing to claim against them looses out. 

Around 2.8 million UK motorists have points on their licence meaning over 650,000 are inaccurate. This suggests if you were to collide with someone who has cheated their insurance company, chances are you won't be paid out by them. 

Under the Road Traffic Act it is an offence to withhold important information from an insurer, so as well as losing the annual premium amount paid out, drivers pulling a fast one can expect additional hefty fines along with the chance of not being able to get insurance in future. 

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