"What is in a colour?" - What colour will your next car be?
Sun, 02 Jul 2017

In the fourth consecutive year, the most popular colour for brand new cars in the UK is white. This means the colours of Used Cars under four years of age should reflect the same, unless people buying white cars were to hang on to them for longer. Some twenty eight years since White for a car was fashionable, the shade is still in big demand - especially on the Used Car market. 

According to the cars available on Payment Swap this certainly is the case. Of over 11,000 approved dealer cars, white currently just outranks black but is streets ahead of grey, silver, blue and red in that order. 

The SMMT(Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), says white tops the charts with 20.51% of all new cars registered in 2016 - a total of 552,329 cars.  

But what does this say about the drivers and is it the same in every region? Put simply, colour can be led by fashion as well as new car manufacturers who use specific colours in their super expensive ad campaigns and movie product placements. Even Corrie and Emmerdale do their bit by featuring manufacturer's latest offerings in the best looking colour.

As for region, white bows out to black in the South East, East Anglia and the West Midlands. No one knows why but people copy people and that's how trends change.

The country's most popular primary colour currently for new cars is blue, coming in at fourth place with 414,160 registrations, or 15.38% of the market. This again precisely mirrors last week's Payment Stock choice coming from hundreds of main franchise and retail Car Supermarkets, proving that the data reported is accurate. 

In a rundown of the 11,000 cars currently available on Payment Swap (with hundreds more cars are being added daily) here's the volumes split by colour: 

Beige x 38

Black x 2,177

Blue x 1,527

Bronze x 23

Brown x 106

Gold x 11

Green x 112

Grey x 1,632

Orange x 90

Pink x 1

Purple x 46

Red x 1,399

Silver x 1,585

Turquoise x 4

White x 2,254

Yellow x 69


Colour is a very personal thing, and don't be too worried if your favourite choice isn't as popular as the rest. Rarity or niche also means values are held up when there is say, only one pink car available. 

Colour search is not the only option when swapping cars online, customers can also just search based on body style and fuel type - important for all buyers.

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