Car buyers – slow down and take your time

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A recent study found that car buyers’ choices can be influenced surprisingly late into their process by new advertising information or recommendations. Almost half of buyers actually change their mind on the make at least once, and the same again on the model. Just over a third on the vehicle type such as a sport or SUV and finally and most surprisingly, between new or used. From this, it has to be said that choice is important when searching for a car. It ranks second only to the most important factor, affordability. 

Browser badgering

Worryingly, for over half of people looking to buy their next car online or offline, they do so out of ‘exhaustion’. This is called ‘browser badgering’ and its more common than you think.

UK-wide dealers who feature their stock on Payment Swap are ‘unaware’ a consumer is browsing. This means no one is on the phone or email pestering you, which is in effect seen as badgering the buyer to make a move. This may sound obvious, but it isn’t. On most websites, users are tracked and followed up afterwards to continue with their purchase decision, which is the reason for this ‘buyers fatigue’. Payment Swap deliberately allows consumers to browse and buy or swap online including part exchanging their old car in their own time, pressure free. We only connect you with the Dealer one the deal has been done and it’s time to collect. 

Wrong choice

Even more concerning, the report said that nearly 90% of these hasty buyers regretted their purchase decision afterwards. Not good news considering this is the next largest purchase to the family home. Here at Payment Swap, we want you to slow down and take your time when searching.

Why search for something you can’t afford? 

By entering a Reg number and by choosing a preferred monthly payment range, without any interjection from the dealership, consumers can search thousands of cars that match their needs by a payment they can afford. The cars displayed are deal specific, which means including a part exchange and taking in to account its current finance settlement, the payments shown on every car are what the individual user can pay.