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What type of dealers will I be dealing with?
We only work with likeminded customer-focused main dealers, franchise dealers and leading supermarkets who are well-known for giving excellent customer service. We will also measure your feedback to make sure we all did a great job in looking after you.

What kind of cars will I be able to buy?

Anything from a Ford to a Ferrari. You will find thousands of cars that start from £99 per month plus your part exchange’s equity, going right up to the most expensive Bentleys and Range Rovers costing over £2,000 a month. The choice is all yours and you can reduce your payments if you like.

Why is it better to part exchange instead of selling my car online?

You are in effect selling your car online, it’s just that we take it from you at the same price that Manheim offer you for it. They are our partners and we are able to use their price within your deal. This means you can stay in your car right until you swap so you don't have to pay for expensive car hire, public transport, taxis or beg for a lift from your family and friends

When do you tell me who the supplying dealer is?

Once the customer arrives at your dealership to collect their car, you must carry on as normal as with any retail sale. 

This includes managing:

- Completing the online appraisal

- Handover date and time 

- Add-on products 

- Offering a service plan

- Releasing or keeping the PX

- Paying off the customer’s settlement

- Entering customers on your database

- Re-contacting for aftersales work 

Do you charge for managing the dealer process for us?
No, this is all part of the Click & Collect service. Payment Swap is 100% free to use.

Do I actually own my new car?

This depends on what type of Finance you decide to go with. 

If you opt for a Hire Purchase (HP) then once you have made the last payment, you will take ownership at the end of your term.

If you decide to go for a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) then you don't have to commit to buying the car at the outset. Choosing to pay for your vehicle this way often means you can drive a newer, high specification vehicle for a lower monthly payment.  You simply pay monthly for the term and you have three options at the end of the agreement.  One of which is, you can buy the car at the end of the agreement once you have paid the final payment otherwise known as the balloon payment or guaranteed value for the vehicle.  You can also use the equity and use this as a deposit when you swap into another car or simply hand the car back and choose another newer car from Payment Swap. 

Please see our videos and explanations here:

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