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We only work with likeminded customer-focused main dealers, franchise dealers and leading supermarkets who are well-known for giving excellent customer service. We will also measure your feedback to make sure we all did a great job in looking after you.

Anything from a Ford to a Ferrari. You will find thousands of cars that start from £99 per month plus your part exchange’s equity, going right up to the most expensive Bentleys and Range Rovers costing over £2,000 a month. The choice is all yours and you can reduce your payments if you like.

You are in effect selling your car online, it’s just that we take it from you at the same price that Manheim offer you for it. They are our partners and we are able to use their price within your deal. This means you can stay in your car right until you swap so you don’t have to pay for expensive car hire, public transport, taxis or beg for a lift from your family and friends

This depends on what type of Finance you decide to go with. 

If you opt for a Hire Purchase (HP) then once you have made the last payment, you will take ownership at the end of your term.

When we will refund your admin fee

In the event where a customer cannot take delivery because their finance application was unsuccessful, or the vehicle ordered (or a similar model at our discretion) could not be supplied, then the full admin fee will be refunded to the same bank account within 10 working days.

To claim, customers must email within 30 days of order and request their refund. Claims will not be paid after this deadline.

When we won’t refund your admin fee

(1) Providing false or misleading financial or personal information

(2) Providing false or misleading PX vehicle information including its condition, its specification, the number of owners, not providing a valid MOT, its service history or its mileage

(3) Failing to respond to, or delaying giving a response to ourselves or our dealer partners, which may result in the failure for us to provide finance or the vehicle itself

(4) Cancellations for any reason whatsoever.

Please note: the Payment Swap Admin Fee is not linked to a finance agreement and therefore, this does not affect your other statutory rights.


No, you are taken care of by their Handover Specialist who will make sure your car is ready on time and looking great.

Your Handover Specialist is the liaison between the Payment Swap team, the supplying Dealer and you the customer. They will meet and greet you at their dealership and after first checking over your part exchange, they will arrange for you to take a short test drive in the car you are buying.

Yes, your Handover Socialist will present a list of extras including extended warranty and other products that are suitable for you.

You will need to take your valid Driving Licence with a photo ID that matches you or a valid Passport. This is to make sure we are transacting with the correct person and help eliminate fraud.


Yes we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Registration Number 757685)

Your personal information will not to sold or used by any third party – it will only be used to process your Payment Swap order

In most cases you will be able to sign all your documents online from the comfort of your own home using e-Sig

Yes, be it on Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), you will be buying the car not leasing it. 

If you opt for a HP then once you have made the last payment, you will take ownership at the end of your term.

Once you have provided confirmation of your actual settlement on your part exchange we will settle it off before you collect your next car. We’ll do this as part of your order so you don’t have to.

We offer 60 months (5 years) as a maximum

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