Nearly half of penalty charge notices (PCNs) result in cancellations 

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It has been revealed that, following appeals from drivers who deny committing an offence, local councils threw out over 40% of all bus lane and parking fines.


Freedom of Information has allowed data to be revealed from all local UK authorities that of the 4.3 million appeals for parking and bus lane fines made in the last five years, almost 42% (1.8 million) appeals were successful.


The highest amount overturned was from the Basingstoke and Dean council, with a staggering 90% of 12,800 appeals recorded over the five-year period being successful. This shows the process has been a waste of time and money for motorists defending against the claim, but more alarmingly, why effort was made in the first place to charge the public in the first place. 


In other places, the Christchurch Borough council, overturned 83% on appeal, and similarly, Nuneaton and Aberdeenshire Council also accepted that 70% of tickets should be thrown out. From almost 250 local authorities in Britain, almost 35% of councils overturned around half of all tickets on appeal.


It’s thought that Authorities need to strike a balance when creating their parking policies, such as making sure enough spaces are available for residents, and that high street traffic is kept moving where car parks are far and few between. In all cases, emergency vehicles must get access to incidents quickly.