“What do I need to do to settle off my old car’s Finance?”

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To help you change your car early while it’s still on finance, the first thing you’ll need is your finance company’s early settlement confirmation.

We’re here to help you through this and then, how to use this important information to change your car early.

It doesn’t matter if what you drive is on Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), because subject to status, you can change cars even if you have negative equity.
You can do this in just a few steps…

Step 1

Contact your existing finance company on your current car and ask them for an early settlement figure. This is the amount needed to pay the loan off.

They will send you this on email or in the post and because they will presume you are settling the account early, in most cases this will include an ‘early-settlement rebate’.

Step 2

The next stage is really easy. Enter your registration number on the homepage of https://www.paymentswap.co.uk/ and follow the online instructions. This is where you can add your settlement figure and how much you pay per month.

Step 3

Press search to reveal over 5,000 dealer-supplied Used Cars all matched to the payment you can afford – and remember the payment you see includes the dealership payng the settlement figure you’ve supplied.

My PX has ‘negative equity’, what do I do?

Well first of all, don’t panic. This is normal in the early part of ownership. The Payment Swap website will work out what ‘equity’ or ‘negative equity’ you have and show you a large range of cars that you can swap to. The payment seen on each car displayed includes our dealership settling your finance off.

How easy is it to buy your next car using Payment Swap?…

Once you’ve entered your PX registration number and how much you owe, the rest is really easy. Because we use an intelligent search to display a large range of cars (each with full details and a monthly payment shown just below), this includes your old finance being paid off once you collect your car from us. How refreshing is that?

At https://www.paymentswap.co.uk/ we believe in transparent pricing and clear instructions on what to do and what product you’re buying. This is why we score 4.8/5 stars on https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/paymentswap.co.uk

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